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Scheme for Voluntary Certification of Yoga Professionals

The Scheme for Voluntary Certification of Yoga Professionals has been developed by the Quality Council of India at the behest and with the support of the Ministry of AYUSH. It envisages certification by independent third party personnel certification bodies duly accredited as per international standard ISO 17024 by NABCB.

Certification Process:

  • Individual persons are certified as Yoga professionals for teaching Yoga either as a self- employed or as an employee of a Yoga teaching/training institution.
  • Evaluation Criteria for Level 1- Yoga Instructor

    Sl. No.Subject NameWeightage (%)
    1Introduction to Yoga and Yogic Practices15
    2Introduction to Human Body and Psyche15
    3Yogic Sukshma Vyayama, Suryanamaskar and Knowledge about Shat Kriya10
    5Pranayama and Meditation15
    6Instructing the students, Instructing skills20
  • Evaluation Criteria for Level 2- Yoga Teacher

    Sl. No.Subject NameWeightage (%)
    1Principles and Fundamentals of Yoga20
    2Introduction to Yoga Texts10
    3Application of Yoga-Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology & Diet10
    5Yogic Sukshma Vyayama and Shat Kriya10
    6Surya Namaskar and Yoga-asana20
    7Pranayama and Meditation10
    8Teaching- practice, techniques & delivery10
  • The Evaluation Method shall be a combination of Written Examination, Oral Interview and Demonstration.
  • The certification shall be for a period of 3 years from the date of decision to grant the certification.